Choosing The Right Color Schemes For Your Kitchen

By | October 6, 2017
gray blue and brown kitchen color scheme

gray blue and brown kitchen color scheme

A neat and tidy kitchen always reflects refined taste of an individual. The color scheme of your kitchen matters a lot in creating a fresh vibe all around. As you complement the color of your rooms with its interior, similarly, you should also consider the kitchen to be in sync with rest of the house.

There are many questions you should ask before finalizing on color schemes for kitchen like, will you like the mood the scheme will produce, does the scheme fits your budget, will it be easy to maintain the kitchen scheme, etc. Here, are some factors that will help determine colors for your kitchen, summarized from If you have a small kitchen, then paint walls in colors that give an impression of bigger space. Use monochromatic colors for kitchen painting. White, light gray, blue and yellow are some of the shades which will open-up the space.

To make a small kitchen look bigger, there should be plenty of kitchen lighting. If you want more sunlight, install an extra window or add bright white-colored artificial lights. Also, for a small kitchen maintain neat and long lines, and reduce the amount of clutter. For kitchens which are big in size, use dark-colored paints. Some color options are purple, maroon, brown, etc. If you are on a tight budget, go for contemporary kitchen color ideas. Look for cheap kitchen furniture and try to select an affordable paint color. You don’t have to buy too many ornamental things for the kitchen. Decent lights and a flower vase are sufficient as accents to make the kitchen look beautiful. For people, who can afford to spend on color schemes for kitchens, select theme kitchens like Tuscan, Italian, Country, etc. Different color schemes for your kitchen emanate different moods, so paint the kitchen in a color that brings about a mood that is positive. Go through sample pictures of kitchen schemes. Try to visualize the scheme in your kitchen. This will give you a rough idea and help you in selecting the scheme.

For a calm look, use shades of white like off-white, or gray. If you want your kitchen to look cheerful, select a cheery color like sunshine yellow. If you want your kitchen to look bold, paint with colors like lavender, light cherry, aqua blue, or green. Last but not least, no matter which color scheme for kitchen you choose, arrange furniture and utensils in such a way that they are easy to maintain. Also, keep the products for kitchen cleaning handy. Take care that there are enough cabinets to store all the utensils. Keep things outside only if they serve decorative purposes.

Use semi-gloss finish for your kitchen walls, as it is durable and can be scrubbed. After all, think about the color schemes you would love to have and see in your kitchen and then proceed. Have a classy looking kitchen ready.

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