Best and Worst Rug Pads for Wood Floors with Polyurethane Coat

By | December 5, 2016

Covering your wood floor with rug pads seem like preventive step to protect your floor, but not all rug pads for wood floors created equal. If you have polyurethane-coated hardwood floor, choosing the wrong rug pads can damage the floor or cause discoloration. Make sure you know what rug pads to choose to cover your wood floor, and what to avoid.

Best and Worst Rug Pads for Wood Floors with Polyurethane Coat

Best Rug Pads for Wood Floors

Here are some of the best rug pads for wood floors if your floor is coated with polyurethane-based coat:

  • Polyurethane pad. This is great material for polyurethane-coated wood floor, because it provides enough cushioning effect. Also, the pad is reusable, so it is more environmentally friendly.
  • Polyester fiber. Synthetic polyester is another great, low cost rug pad material option for wood floor. It provides stability to the rug and great for rooms with high traffic. However, it may not feel as comfortable as polyurethane pad, because it has less cushioning effect.
  • Recycled foam rug pad. This is a really cheap option for rug pad, especially if the thickness is between 3/8 inch and 7/16 inch. The pad can be attached manually onto the rug with tape on the seams.

These pads are relatively safe for rug pads for wood floors that are covered with polyurethane coat. However, there are rug pad materials that must be avoided for such floor. For example, PVC rug pad can cause your floor to experience discoloration, and you will need to deal with these stains on your floor after a long time. The stains are also hard to remove, and in some cases, they are permanent. Linoleum and vinyl are also bad because they leave permanent stain.

Best and Worst Rug Pads for Wood Floors with Polyurethane Coat

With the right rug pads for wood floors, you can protect the floor without dealing with permanent stains from the wrong pad material.

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